The next generation loyalty program.

Turn passive followers into brand advocates driving
retention and sales.

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Why is Ludo for you?

Grow your business by higher performing loyalty

Simple, yet powerful

An intuitive and powerful solution designed to enhance customer engagement and loyalty

No-code features

Create automatic community-driven loyalty campaigns without
one line of code

Real time sync

Automatic real time
reward distributions

Easy campaign builder

Combines simplicity with efficiency, enabling the creation of impactful marketing campaigns

New data insights

Real-time data insights to better
target and understand customers

Blockchain based

Reduce fraud with trustworthy infrastructure build with smart contracts

What our customers
do with Ludo?

Increase revenue with loyalty


Connect customer's 1PD, social profile, engagement activity, and purchase history to their account for a unified understanding of each customer. Create hyper-segmented consumer personas.

Campaign builder

Drive retention and engagement through captivating quests and design brand journeys to educate customers on your brand values.

Custom Experiences

A fully customizable, white-label solution designed to seamlessly align with your brand’s unique colors, ethos, and elements that your customers hold dear. This ensures a cohesive and authentic experience, reinforcing the brand love and loyalty that you’ve worked hard to cultivate.

Designed to fit every use case

Build a strong relationship with your customers

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For Marketers

Targeted tools and analytics to craft compelling, brand-aligned campaigns that drive customer engagement and retention.

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For Creators

Empowers you with customizable rewards and engagement features, enhancing your connection with your audience and fostering community loyalty.

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For Enterprise

Provides scalable, robust features and integrations, addressing diverse needs and optimizing customer loyalty across various market segments.

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For Founders

Versatile and user-friendly tool, designed to help startups build lasting relationships with their customers and drive brand loyalty from the ground up.

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